"The Full Story"

(as much as I'm willing to type anyway)

(title was suggested by the site btw)

This is a website I started designing last night (3/3) to support various charities through printmaking. With proof of donation of a minimum $5 to any of these charities, I will send you the corresponding print. All prints are numbered so you know which how many fellow humans also love what you love <3

(Be forewarned, humor is my coping skill. Deal with it.)



A sunflower in the colors of the Ukrainian flag with the iconic phrase: "Flowers will grow"

For those who don't know, a Ukrainian woman was filmed going up to a Russian soldier to give him sunflower seeds to keep in his pocket so  he could leave something beautiful behind when he died there. What absolute psychological torture from a woman choosing hope and her country. A genuine legend.

Frog and Toad


The Tampon


The Frog